OcLaunch Launch automagically

Usage tips

Version: 0.2.x

You can use this project with almost everything.

Here are some ideas :

  • Taskwarrior to display (30s help here). Get specific help.
  • Irssi, Poezio or Profanity to launch chat clients.
  • Several cloud clients, such as megatools or graphical ones (Google Drive, Dropbox...).
  • Tarsnap or Attic, a scriptable backup tools. Here is a complete tutorial (with Tarsnap).
  • Git To manage your configuration file.
  • With torrents clients or wget like commands, to plan downloads.
  • With htop, df, w commands, to keep an eye on your system.
  • Bitcoin, to synchronyse your bitcoin-core client from time to time.
  • With Ledger, to keep an eye on your money! Especially useful with recurring transactions.
  • Your own idea !

Do not hesitate to add idea to this page (by sending email on the mailing list or to me)