OcLaunch Launch automagically


  • Launch your commands, one after the other, when called
  • Especially usefull with your terminal and your favorite task management tools
  • Manage it easily
  • Planned Record results of launch

Some of the OcLaunch advantages

  • Flexible

    • Can be used with whatever you want. See this incomplete list of ideas
    • It's a command line program, easy to script
    • Provided as a standalone binary, allowing to deploy it easier
  • Easy to use

    • Easy to install
    • Few commands, well documented
    • Friendly community to help you getting your job done
    • Planned Web interface to see data collected and command planned
  • Blazing fast

    Since you run the program hundred times a day, speed is a major topic.

    • Written in OCaml, allowing to produce both high-speed native binaries and cross-platform quite fast bytecode
    • Coded with performance in mind
  • Robust

    • Written primary the functional way, with a type-safe language
    • Complete set of Unit test
    • Planned Atomic editing of files
    • It's Open-source/Libre, a factor of robustness, both because everyone can inspect the code and because it can't be stopped unilaterally, like a closed source software