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Mailing list

The project has a mailing list, thanks to Tuxfamily. You may use it to exchange tips, to give help to new comers or to stay informed.

Mailing list Announce Dev & user questions
Address announce@oclaunch.eu.org oclaunch@lists.tuxfamily.org
Used for New versions announcement, including some beta Patch, general discussion, user problems
Traffic Low Potentially high
Can I post?
Subscription address announce-request@oclaunch.eu.org oclaunch-request@lists.tuxfamily.org
Archives On tuxfamily’s servers On tuxfamily’s servers


Even though you don't need to subscribe to post, you would would follow answers easier as a subscriber of the list. Become one following these steps:

  • Send an email to the subscription address (see table above) with subscribe in the subject.
  • An email is sent to you, follow the instructions.
  • You can now receive from (and post to for some list) the mailing list!

You can get further help on the Tuxfamily wiki or by sending an email with help as subject to the subscription address.


Note: Some lists are moderated manually, so mails are not sent directly. It may take a day or so. However, the moderator probably has the answer to your question, so once he moderate the email, the answer would be posted almost immediately. This delay is of course not true for subscriptions, only for content you post yourself on the mailing list.


The author can answer in the following languages

  • French
  • English