OcLaunch Launch automagically


Get the sources of the program

Since the program is open-source, you can get the sources with these ways :


There is a lot of mirror of the code, hence Gitlab is most actively updated one :

Static tarball

You can get tarballs with Git interfaces or in this directory.

Signed material

Most important things (git tags and tarball) are signed with this key. You may download a tarball and the .asc file. You can then verify the signature with this command (from GnuPG manual):



  • .gpg files are bigger, since they contain both the signature and the data. You may verify them with gpg --output tarball --decrypt tarball.gpg.

  • In the past, non ascii-armored signature were published. They have the .sig extension and are binary file. You can use them to verify as well, even if they are portability issue. See this commit for more background.

Install it

Go on the Quick start page and follow instruction for Opam or Sources.


See Contribute.